A few words on ClassicCaliber

Our Philosophy:

Our core mission is, making watch collecting fun again! If you enjoy classic vintage timepieces, but don't want to spend your entire budget on one single watch, ClassicCaliber is exactly for you!

We offer a wide range of classic vintage watches at varying price points and conditions.

  • You are looking for your first entry-level vintage watch? We can deliver!
  • You need a second or third “serious watch” to match your outfits? We got you covered!  
  • You want to expand your collection and want to add a special new piece? Congratulations, your search is over, you will surely find a worthy addition to your watch-box.

In fact, you will find everything you need, except for boring timepieces. The watches we present to you have seen “real life”, or are more than ready to finally do! We think vintage watches should be worn and the venture ClassicCaliber is our little contribution to restoring sanity in the vintage watch world! So let's start releasing watches out of their safe-prisons and getting them on wrists worldwide!


Our Team:

ClassicCaliber is a proud part of the VintageCaliber family. VintageCaliber has specialized in Vintage Watches and has sold over 600 collectible timepieces to happy customers around the world, since its beginning in 2013. With our expertise, we not only sell and buy watches, but we also guide and consult our long-term customers with purchasing decisions and all questions regarding vintage horology.